“What can music possibly do here?” said the Hospice Director on our first meeting.

I’m sure that you recall music woven into your deep life experiences. My earliest memories are of music, and most of the powerful experiences in my life have centered upon music. As a touring musician I witnessed how powerfully music affected audiences – and whether they listened or danced, they were emotionally moved, physically involved and transported to a new consciousness.

My passion to understand and use the power of music led me to study and master the healing effects of music. I then went where the need is great – to hospices to create live music programs. I love to play in hospice because I often witness miracles. Patients and their families can find calm, reduce pain, and increase comfort with therapeutic music. Six months after we began the first music program, the same hospice director claimed that the music program was so successful that it was responsible for a substantial increase in donations!

Nurses and staff members asked me for music that could be used 24/7 when I was not available. As I traveled to various facilities, I saw the extreme need for therapeutic music. I taught caregivers how to choose and use therapeutic music to comfort patients and shared my knowledge and experience in the science behind the music. Soon health care facilities invited me to help their staffs understand and use music to improve patient experiences. I heard from pastors, chaplains, alternative healthcare practitioners, nurses, social workers, volunteers, and many at-home caregivers who used music to support their work.

I believe music is a powerful, greatly overlooked modality for healing. Music can help you heal, rest, recover, balance, restore, and change your thoughts to find new solutions to old problems and behaviors. I want to bring these amazing benefits to you!

Part of my mission is to refute the misinformation, smoke and mirrors, woo-woo pseudo-science and confusion around ‘healing music’. A search on the internet for healing music brings mind-numbing results. VanYoung Music is different because every selection of music, affirmations, and meditation is created with the intention to bring healing and created with my clinical experience. I want to bring you the music experience that REALLY works.

VanYoung Music is a place where you can come for self-care or to share with those in your care. And you can rest assured that all you hear has been created for your well-being and wholeness.

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Here you can listen to some of the music I have recorded for use with patients. 





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