“You will never know how much your wisdom and inspiration has added to our program. As a healthcare minister, I recommend the inspiration and devotion of James Schaller. James’ gift for composition, experience, and talent allows for healing and transition.”

Reverend Joyce Blair Buekers, MDIV, MBA, Pastoral Counselor/Integrative Therapies, Hospice of the Valle, Phoenix, AZ


“I write to support the work of James Schaller, composer, classical guitarist, and music therapist par excellence. As a hospice physician, I have used Mr. Schaller's recordings for years and found them of great value for both patients and family. On a more personal note, during a recent serious illness, I spent hours listening to Mr. Schaller's music and found it a source of comfort and inspiration. I recommend his compositions and performance to all those facing illness, death or dying.”

George Simms, M.D., Professor Emeritus Penn State University, College of Medicine


 "It is embarrassing to admit that I was so blind to the benefits that music can provide in end-of-life situations. Thank you for opening my eyes through the sharing of your research and talent. We were enlightened and entertained by your presentation. As a result of the inspiration and direction that you provide, our hospice organization will begin utilizing music as a modality to relieve suffering and provide comfort to our patients.”

Dr. Ron Hartsfield, Medical Director, Wiregrass Hospice, Dothan, AL


“As soon as the music arrived, my sister, who is a nurse, put on the music. It played continuously for the last three days of my mother’s life. It dramatically eased her pain, comforted family and staff, and brought dignity and calm to those last days. I can’t thank you enough.”

Jim Anderson, Grammy Award-Winning Recording Engineer, and Music Producer


“Thank you for opening our eyes to the uses of music in our clinical applications.”

Dr. Valentins Krecko, Child Psychiatric Unit, Penn State Milton S.  Hershey Medical Center, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.


"James is an inspiring speaker and has a wonderful way of sharing his experience and insight into how music can be used in therapeutic settings. He connected very well with our audience made up of volunteers, social services staff, chaplains and others who came just because of an interest in music. His demonstration of music as a healing tool was powerful, even in the context of a fairly large group. I recommend James for any organization interested in exploring the healing power of music."

Deborah Fast | Director of Volunteer Services
Garden Spot Village


“Everyone was very enthusiastic (about the Consultation Workshop) and spoke very highly about it.  They were impressed by the content and by your style of presentation.   I have heard nothing but praise for the workshop.    Everyone was impressed and touched by the material.  We have found your material to be beneficial for our patients, and we are beginning to expand the use of your music to patients in our Long Term Care program.  Our Spiritual Care Director was blown away by the scripture reading accompanied by the music.  He said, "Why don't we do this in church?"

Bob Karlson, Director of Caring Services, Hospice of S.W. Florida


"James Schaller illustrated the power of music in supporting healing in his workshop. His articulate description of qualities in music that are appropriate both in recovery and in the hospice situation was beautifully illustrated by selected music."

Pamela M. Kircher, M.D. Family Physician, and Hospice Doctor Medical Director of the Wellness Center, Mercy Medical Center Durango, Colorado

Our patients and families have found James' music to be beautiful and serene.  Our staff also found his music to be soothing and relaxing for the entire atmosphere at the Residence.  His music has been a welcomed addition to our scope of hospice care we can provide to our patients and their families."

Susan Resavy, MSW, Director of Family Services, Hospice of Central PA


"Every hospice needs to hear James¹ message that there is more to hospice than pain medication and family bereavement service, perfect for any medical situation."

Peggy Hutson RN, Quality and Performance Coordinator, Hospice of Tulare County, CA

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